Open for entry through January 14th, 2018


Get lost in the outdoors and find your adventure!


Everyone enjoys a great adventure story and there are so many ways to spend your time exploring the outside world. Experience earth’s beautiful landscapes, rugged cliffs, fast river rapids, or an epic powder day on your favorite mountain and capture the moments. 



This contest is open to amateur and professional photographers, with a chance to win prizes from the following:


StormTech Performance


Think Tank Photo


MindShift Gear


Bay Photo


Printed Art


There are so many ways to spend your time exploring. Experience earth’s beauty and capture the moments. Whether you’re a casual weekend explorer, an adventure related business or a travel enthusiast, living your life around the world — the Adventure contest is an excellent solution for sharing your journey. Share your adventures with the world!



1st Place Prizes: $1200 credit to STORMTECH Performance, an Airport Roller Derby™ backpack from ThinkTank Photo.


2nd Place Prize: $600 credit to STORMTECH Performance, FirstLight® backpack from MindShift Gear and a $300 Credit to Bay Photo


3rd Place Prize: $400 credit to STORMTECH Performance, $250 Credit to Bay Photo 


Community Choice Award: A written critique from our panel of judges.


All winners will receive: $100 credit to Printed Art and a written critique from our panel of judges.


Panel of Contest Judges:

Kerrick James of Kerrick James Photography. Kerrick is a prized photo journalist and brand ambassador for Ricoh-Pentax.


Cathaleen Curtiss is an award winning photojournalist, editor and director of photography at the Buffalo News in NY. Connect with Cathaleen at


Shayla Roden - JPG's very own photo editor, highlighting great JPG photography since 2012.


STORMTECH Performance will also be providing 2 company ambassadors to the Adventure judging panel.


Winners will be announced 2 weeks following the closing date of the contest.