Photo Challenge: Camera Toss

For this week's challenge, we're looking for any intrepid photographers willing to toss their camera into the air. We featured a how-to on the camera toss in an early issue, JPG 6, and Katie Funk has a great how-to article that will give you all the camera toss info you need. Basically, open the shutter or set the timer or long exposure function, toss your camera, catch your camera, and show us your goods.

Word of warning-- what goes up must come down, and depending on your catching abilities, the camera toss could be quite dangerous. We'd hate anyone to break their most precious of cameras so please do not attempt with any beloved or expensive cameras, and consider a low-level toss while holding tight to a camera strap. Use your judgment, JPG is not liable!

We were inspired this week by Joseph Rotindo's recent article about getting back to making fun and crazy photos, so throw that camera, and have fun!

This theme was open for one week and closed on March 27th, 2008. Visit the Camera Toss Downloads Page to see the selections from this Photo Challenge.