Colors, Forms of the F Line

Series: Colors Forms of the F Line by George Clapper

San Francisco’s Historical Streetcar system the F Line with cars from around the United States and International Cities first opened in 1995. Now it has become an integral part of the overall transit system adding the E Line. A somewhat less hectic way to commute, take in the sights from the Castro to Fisherman’s Wharf or, just take a ride. Day in day out people can be seen along the route catching shots as the streetcars rumble along. They add charm and, through a child’s eye, a big toy come alive. In short, they’re a hit.

For this project I decided to get right up close to the cars. The challenge up close meant reflections from all sides. A Polarizer could only do so much. I started wearing all black to either blend in or become an unknown shadow. Overcast days turned out to be the best. Another challenge was waiting for the cars to make their route. I would hop on one end of the line to the other end sometimes waiting an hour or two as they arrived. Then there were the times when I’d see a car and want to add it to the series but I’d have to save it for another day hoping I’d see it again. Lots of riding the F Line went into this making for an enjoyable project and yet there are still cars out there I’d like to add. Another day, another ride.

It became more about exploring/using the Colors, Lines, Forms rather than documenting the Streetcar. In post-processing I opted to emphasize or affect the captured image. For example what would in reality be horizontal became vertical in a couple of images as in the image with 2 vertical red lines.

Don’t forget to hop the E Line that now goes from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Giants’ Ballpark using the Historic Streetcars.

Pop into the Railway Museum: