Photo Essay

The Adventures Of Mr. Fly

Minor Keys

On May 16 2007 I met Gerald Fly in my garden as I was shooting some cliché flowers. I had just bought my first cheap macro filters online and was excitingly giving them a try.

Gerald caught my attention as he was sitting on a flowerpot with nothing but a cardboard sign that said "Will work 4 food". Over the years he degraded from a successful cab driver to a poor lonely insect as he had 173 wives who cost him a fortune on make-up and clothing. Not to mention his 2184 kids, who all needed money for education and iPods.

So there he was, staring at me with his big mosaic eyes, begging me for help. Macro filters in hand I offered him a job as my new photography model.

That night we had a good drink and talked about potential photoshoots. Surprisingly he proved himself a lovely musician on both piano and guitar. And so he often played me some tunes on the window sill and dreamed about a glorious music career.

The days went by and everything went great. We really had a good time together. Until after a dangerous freefall dandelion shoot, when Gerald and I had a big fight over the conditions he had to work in. The impact of the arguments got even worse as he discovered I had secretly done some photoshoots with a ladybug called Linda.

He furiously buzzed away to the streets outside. There he maintained to hitchhike for 29 hours non-stop to Poopville, the promised land for flies, without success. But the guilt inside me was becoming too much so I begged him to come back and promised to give him a little holiday.

A few weeks later, and after some heavy bicycle training, his old belly is back and today he is once again at my side for more adventurous photoshoots!

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  • Amy Smith

    Amy Smith gave props (2 Oct 2008):

    what a cutie :-D

  • Jazmin Lopez

    Jazmin Lopez gave props (11 Oct 2008):

    This really great...funny..and artistic =)

  • Geraldine E

    Geraldine E gave props (15 Oct 2008):

    good shots & what an adventure :-)

  • Stanley J.

    Stanley J. gave props (15 Oct 2008):

    This was a great essay and the photos are awesome.

  • Melonie Sharp

    Melonie Sharp gave props (6 Nov 2008):

    you are funny and so creative! love it

  • A. Caroline

    A. Caroline gave props (11 Nov 2008):

    you are very creative and very unique i loved reading your esaay..

  • Dee Brown

    Dee Brown gave props (19 Nov 2008):

    So what did you pay him? Hmmmm? I mean he did have all those wives and kids. Love the whole story.When does the sequel come out?

  • Rafi

    Rafi gave props (26 Nov 2008):

    didn't see 'to be continued...' , well but no harm to hope for the part II. I haven't come across such creative photo story in a long time! Bravo!

  • Guna Dwi

    Guna Dwi gave props (1 Dec 2008):

    creative idea..the photos are great.very conceptual

  • Ahmad Aleidan

    Ahmad Aleidan said (17 Dec 2008):

    Amazing! very creative and funny. Loved reading it!

  • Christina Fung

    Christina Fung gave props (18 Dec 2008):

    this is so awesome! great job :)

  • Michele Saulnier

    Michele Saulnier gave props (13 Jan 2009):

    This rules!!!

  • John Pitsakis

    John Pitsakis (Deleted) said (2 Feb 2009):

    fabulous story!
    Mr. Fly rocks!!!

  • John Pitsakis

    John Pitsakis (Deleted) gave props (2 Feb 2009):

    Grand I tell ya!

  • visithra manikam

    visithra manikam said (5 Mar 2009):

    this is super funny

  • Nicholas Hendrickx

    Nicholas Hendrickx said (20 May 2009):

    Thanks everybody! :)

  • Merle Fisher

    Merle Fisher (Deleted) gave props (19 Jun 2009):

    Very well captured!

  • Tannaz santos

    Tannaz santos gave props (7 Jul 2009):

    really creative. Loved it!

  • markus zundel

    markus zundel gave props (8 Jul 2009):

    what a trip, what a story, what great shots.... simply brilliant

  • Keiko Ehret

    Keiko Ehret gave props (10 Oct 2009):

    This whole series of Mr. Fly photos is hilarious!! ♥ Your sense of humor.

  • Jennifer Riley

    Jennifer Riley said (20 Nov 2009):

    this is the funniest thing i have seen in a looooooooooong time. this is just what i needed to end my day with!!

  • Orlando Emmanuelli

    Orlando Emmanuelli gave props (27 Jul 2010):

    this is some amazing work.

  • kina anike

    kina anike said (16 Nov 2010):

    This is genious!! I simply loved it- such a cute story. Beautiful.

  • Carol Arntsen Masiak

    Carol Arntsen Masiak gave props (31 Aug 2011):

    hysterical, wonderful, fantastic!

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