Posted by Shayla Simmons — 27 Aug 2014

Reviewing a food blog right before dinner spells trouble!  Alas, it's hard to resist looking at such tasteful photography while your stomach weeps with pangs of hunger.  While a recipe can have all the right ingredients or a description that tantalizes your taste buds, the perfect picture can certainly pique the culinary imagination.

While cooking can be challenging, it is often the greater feat to create a meal that looks good too! Food Photographers are well known for their plentiful talents and multitude of tricks and techniques to make a meal look elegant, healthy, and amazing. It's not as easy as it may seem, sometimes even requiring a food stylist too!

There are several subtle tricks to food photography, like finding the right background (textures, colors) or assembling just the right props. Lighting is also crucial and while natural light is beautiful, it may be hard to work with and unpredictable with weather variance that may not agree with your tight shooting schedule. Night comes with its own unique challenges, exacerbated by serving ware and utensils which pose reflective challenges for your flash.  For many, playing around the studio, with controllable light will be the most reliable way to create consistent shots.

That food stylist can help with lighting, too, calling on some rather bizarre tricks like using motor oil to stand-in for syrup or using brown shoe polish to perfectly tone that medium well-done steak. There are so many more devious tricks out there and, of course, Photoshop provides a seemingly infinite palette of tools that all help fool our naked eye and make us eat up every last page of cookbooks and food blogs that we stumble across.

As we wandered through the millions of images submitted by our very own JPG food photographers, all we can say are that the images we found look mouth watering and we can't wait to sink our teeth into them!

Sushi Muramoto by Todd Brei

Shrimp Sushi Saturdays by

Untitled by Alik Mos 

cabbage, onion and garlic with mayonnaise by Hasin Hayder

Copenhagen by Turandot

Myrtle Beach 2013 by Jeff Santos

Taco salad! by Jake Lester

Yum! by Larry Pollock

Smoked Salmon by Jennifer Donnelly

Burger Perfection by Mark So

Medium Rare by EJ

Oh my goodness.....!  Is your stomach growling yet?!?  It may be time to eat and what a fine time to capture your foodie delight!  While you're out to dinner or making your meal, dicing up vegetables, grilling meat, or after plating the food,  take out your camera and take a couple of shots before you chow down!  Make sure you upload all your great shots to share!  If you find other great shots that tempt your tongue as you browse through JPG, start a collection and share or just keep for your own divine inspiration!

Can't wait for your mouth watering tasty shot!!!

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 25 Aug 2014

Photo of the Week

Animal Talks at the Whale Fjord by seanie blue

Story of the Week B&W Portraits

Potter B&W by Felicia

Member of the Week Jean-Fran├žois Dupuis

Portrait by Jean-Fran├žois Dupuis

Photo Challenge: You Spin Me

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 24 Aug 2014

Spin Spin Spin....What do you get?  Dizzy!  Carnival rides, toys, playground equipment, fans; these thing all spin.   So get out and get dizzy!

Fun at night by Howard Seelig

Spinning Earth by Colleen Gino

untitled by Lelio La Verde

Water Works by Jeremy Jones

A spring wind machine by Costantino Tuccori

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr by Gary Benefield

Lucy In The Sky by Nuno de Oliveira

Spin Me Right Round by Tamara Shurling

Yellow Record Player by Lex Newman

Potter B&W by Felicia

 " A Garden Bursting With Color " YOU SPIN ME! by Michael Asaro

Tea Cups by Todd Alvey

twirl by Julie Ann Newell

First Try Lightpainting by Linda Heath

Spinnnnnn by Tom Phillips


Posted by Shayla Simmons — 20 Aug 2014

Billowing thick and white, like clouds and slithering from between yellowed fingers, smoke dances in the air.  Smoking is known for being a really bad habit and it has the ability to snuff life right out of any being, yet, when photographed it can be quite beautiful, sensual or exotic.  The way smoke curls effortlessly up and around, gliding through a dimly lit room, playing with shadows and dancing in light, smoke has a beauty all its own.

JPG contributors are no strangers to capturing the allure and seduction of this deadly habit, a few of which we've gathered for you...

S MO K E R II by Jacek Moszej

Smoking kills by Rahul Chakraborty

Untitled by Danielle Tunstall

Malena Smoking by Benoit Courti

Reaping by Olga Miljko

leave a scar by mukti echwantono

SMOKER by raeid Allehyani

Untitled by Loya Ejevich

Smokin! by lee oneill

The Dragon by Lori Ann Morris

Smoke fire by Abir Aouinet

While we don't condone or encourage cigarette smoking, for all of its known risks, if you have the chance to photograph the light and shadows of smoke playing in the air, take a few snap shots and upload your willowy masterpieces to inspire us all.  As you browse through JPG, don't forget to create collections of the smoke images that draw your eye and share them with us to peruse!

Can't wait to be hypnotized by your smoke.

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 18 Aug 2014

Photo of the Week

Sunrise on Bixby Bridge by Bruce Wendler

Story of the Week

The Journey no one wants to take, but....

 Untitled by Bennie Beretta

Member of the Week Jeremy Jones

Goffstown Nights by Jeremy Jones

Photo Challenge: Moving Day

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 17 Aug 2014

This Photo Challenge is a toast to new beginnings, to new adventures and opportunities; so pack your bags and share with us your moving experience!

Relocation by Euronimia Jesus

Nationaltheatret Station by Adnan Julardzija

Untitled by Yeonju Lee

Untitled. by Louis de la Torre

Boots & Books by George Cosmin Marin

The Funnies by Ciara D'Anella

It's Never a Right Time to Say Goodbye by Peter Kurdulija

Packed by Saroj Swain

Good Luck to you and Cheers!

Blue Perfection

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 13 Aug 2014

Blueberries are bursting with flavor and nutrition... Bake them in pies and muffins, swirl them in smoothies, or pop them straight in your mouth for a juicy treat!  Blueberries have a sweet history too!  Because the little blue berry grows in abundance in North America it has become a food staple.  During the civil war they were given to the troops as one of their many food rations.   The most popular muffin in North America is of course blueberry, and all we can say is YUM!! 

To the Native Americans they were known as star berries and colonizers made gray paint by boiling blueberries with milk.  But, blueberries are not just great in muffins, or great for painting, but they are amazing for our bodies too!  The blue fruit is filled with many antioxidants and nutrients they are amazing for your eyesight, have been said to help the damage from heart disease, cancer and the debilitating effects of Alzheimer's disease.   Also, a study of rats found that using the abstract of blueberries improved the balance, coordination, and short term memory of the rats.

 Our amazing members have been busy shooting this little super-food.  Check out these images from JPG that pack a big punch of flavor.

Blueberries by Adam Freidin

Blueberries by Elysa Darling

blueberry pie by Caroline Shimanek

winter blueberries by Rebecca Stackhouse

blueberry by Sarah Thielke

Blueberry+Raspberry by Ichiro Okada

Blueberry Smoothie by Ivy Reynolds

Yummy Blueberries! by Aileen David

Blue Berry by Darlene Kidd

Now get your hands on some blueberries before the stores run out!  Then capture that fruit in new and fun ways; and upload all your best to share with the rest of JPG.  If you happen to spot any more blue fruit throughout JPG, start a collection and share!!

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 12 Aug 2014

Photo of the Week

Cowfest by Audran Gosling

Story of the Week

architectural photography offers lots of possibilities

#savechesterton by alan ranger

Member of the Week francisco Legrand

Untitled by francisco Legrand

Photo Challenge: Broken Down

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 10 Aug 2014

There is a lot of beauty in things that are old and rusting away; get a closer look to see the cracks and the decay.

Rest Stop. by Andrew Schaefer

Rustic Motel by Guy Needham

Just a minute..... by Oregon Curly

Open window by George Cosmin Marin

The Old Mechanic by Suzanne Tutak

Central emptiness 7 by Roberto Papa

Someplace, Texas by Carey Williams

Deceased landline by Thad Zajdowicz

Abandoned by Bob Jensen

A million miles...a million stories. by Tristesse Genevieve

ruins.... by daniele castellucchio

Broken house by Saroj Swain

Best of July 2014

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 6 Aug 2014

July is over!  How did that happen so fast!?  Independence day came and went with a bang...quite literally.  However, just because the month is over doesn't mean we can't look back and relish the fine photography that the month bestowed upon us.  Like the photo of rushing tides by mark yugawa or new beginnings by Lynn E. Harvey and images that showed us what a great day looks like, like the one you'll see below from Alex Preiss, all these images featured in this post represent some of the best of JULY 2014!

So take a few minutes to enjoy these amazing images.

Hot Air Balloon by David Niles

Concert in Beijing. by keitha ramberg

Lena by Tatsiana Kilimbet

The Sunrise And The Surging Sea by mark yugawa

Chrome Stance by Nicholas Christiansen

Untitled by Ben Clark

In bloom by A R I A K I

.a slient core of waiting #2.~ by Lynn E. Harvey

Untitled by Viola De

Yarra River / Melbourne 4 by Kevin Fairley

Portrait of My Precious by Franz Malalis

rose in the rain by Anthony Guerriera

Jenny by jane bettis

Yep. It was a pretty good day! by Alex Preiss

power line near airport by Lisa Donneson

Melt by Carey Williams

Greenbottle by Peter Hall

Tell us what you think about these images, selected Best of July 2014, and make sure you leave a comment or two for the artists that have given us inspiration and aspiration for the month!  If you see any more amazing images that were submitted during the month of July, start a collection to share with the rest of the community!

And remember August will be over before you know it so get out and shoot!!!

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