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Posted by Shayla Simmons — 15 Sep 2014

Photo of the Week

first noble truth by Sagar Shah

Story of the Week How do you refrain from biting?

How do you refrain from biting? by seanie blue

Member of the Week Sungsoo Lee

a kid's eye @ train station by Sungsoo Lee

Photo Challenge: The Eyes Have It

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 14 Sep 2014

This photo challenge was suggested by Julie Newell and is was all about the eyes.  Eyes show all the emotion of life and take in the sights to be stored away in the memory bank.  JPGer's  got up close and personal to capture this beautiful feature of the face.


light and darkness by Julie Ann Newell

Odino il bello by Stefania Mela

Molten by Josie Eldred

Morning by Juli Watson

"Future" by Ruslan Tumash

reflection by Chris Ryser

Attentive Eyes by Talisha (Tally) Sachlis

Oluchi Onuoha by Eunice Onuoha

Hello Blue Eyes by Sarah Terokowskie

Embera Woman by George Campos Jr.

Face of Poverty: Part A by Jenna Kim

Wonder eyes by Euronimia Jesus

Goodbye summer. Hello autumn. by Kirill Tcipilev


by mihai surdea

sad eyes............ by kil roy metters

A Force To Be Reckoned With by Christian Thomas

Miss Mia! by Dale Estes

Divine Debris II (2) by Sarah Barker

Untitled by Debbie Hartley

say by Victor Bezrukov

Baby Face by A. Earle

Iris by Jing Zhou

Untitled by Christine

Trust....... by Susan Littlefield

 Girl with Hijab by Mike Melnotte

Beautiful Eyes by Zapata Juan P

A Good Read

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 10 Sep 2014

As the days grow shorter and inevitably colder, it's time to grab the coziest sweater you have, a mug of cider or hot cocoa and settle down to a great read.  Whether you prefer hardback or electronic, books are a great alternative to T.V. and to the winter blues.   Stories, stoked by your own imagination are not easily substituted or quickly forgotten.  There are a lot of great novels out there to choose from, including a growing number of 'younger' fiction, so don't be afraid if your next literary selection happens to be found in the teen or young adult section.  These novels have been getting a lot of accolades of late and they are usually a fun fast read too! If you are overwhelmed by the sheer number of authors and novels out there and don't know where to start, there's even a book for that too!   "1000 Books to Read Before You Die" is a great resource to find what novels are critically acclaimed or are a notably worthwhile read.

While we usually pride ourselves on capturing images to share with the world, photographers can be quite impressive in their own right capturing the essence of a great read.

Check out how these JPG book-worms dig-in and get cozy!


Yes, I read. by elaine ramos

Home School by Dean Hawkey

Untitled by Zlata

Untitled by steven | alan

Books by Danielle Herzog

People and Books - Adrian by Ioana Birdu

Books, books, books! by Lexi Hoebing

Photography Book by push pin

The girl with a book by Olivier Scher

Reading by Shannon Hreha

reading by Emrah Altinok

Reading might seem simply passive, but there is actually much to see.  Are you ready to get comfy?  Grab a great book, settle down and get immersed into another realm, but don't forget to take some pictures along the way!  If you come across an eager reader, snap a picture and share it!

Can't wait for your page turning shots!!!!

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 8 Sep 2014

Photo of the Week

Hope rainbow in Val di Funes (Dolomiti,Italia) by Giancarlo Pavan

Story of the Week

The camera is an extension of my eye...

Fire on W. 11th Street by Ronnie Ginnever

Member of the Week Christine

Untitled by Christine

Photo Challenge: Chocolate

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 7 Sep 2014

MMM... This Photo Challenge is extra good, it is all about chocolate.  Chocolate these days is not just in candy bars, but used throughout deserts, and even used in savory dishes at fine restaurants.

Fir.st Cupcake by stephanie euzebio

Chocolate biscuits by rinda koban

Chocolate Covered by Euronimia Jesus

Snickers' by Rohan Rego

Untitled by Victoria Shaw

C... by Antonello Incagnone

Theobroma cacao by Thad Zajdowicz

Mainliner by Pamela Haberman

My baby Lab by Stephane Martinez

Dove by Ciara D'Anella

for all the greedy friends... by daniele castellucchio

Best of August 2014

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 3 Sep 2014

Wow!  That is all we can say!  We would like to say a thank you to all the JPG contributors, you have made August a joy to look at.  The 8th month in the calendar year is the busiest month for tourism, but that is not all,  it had a lot of things going on like "Shark Week" and for some of us, we tried to get in all the adventure we could before school started up once again.  

So take a look at some of the best JPG shots of August 2014

Essex Steam Train - First Class Car by Tom Piorkowski

Animal Talks at the Whale Fjord by seanie blue

My baby Lab by Stephane Martinez

Keys by Kate Loran

twirl by Julie Ann Newell

 Untitled by Manohar Bisht

Little monks are buying snacks by Sungsoo Lee

Yellow Squirrel Monkey by Ramír Delgado

Untitled by MindTheStep

Untitled by Christine

Dew Drops by Zohar Lindenbaum

ROCK/CF 02 by Ian Pettigrew

Bel Air by Ted Anderson

Flower Explorer by Christian Marcel

Yaki Point by Joshua Sargent

Baboon by Ramír Delgado

say by Victor Bezrukov

Snail Style by A. Earle

Iris by Jing Zhou

 Morning Glow by Matt Granz

Devil Wears Prada by Fernando Cortez

Don't fret September has just begun, plenty of time to capture many images of Fall, the start of school, fashion... you name it, it is all out there waiting for the taking!

Can't wait to fall for your photos!

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 1 Sep 2014

Photo of the Week

Little monks buying snacks by Sungsoo Lee

Story of the Week Ruins

The Ghosts of Goulburn's Past by Tom Harvey

Member of the Week sandra d'souza

the catch by sandra d'souza

Summer Escapes Photo Challenge

Posted by Toby Morrison — 31 Aug 2014

Submit Your Favorite Summer Travel Photo between September 1, 2014 and September 30, 2014 for a chance to win a free PhotoShelter for a year, plus a $100 gift card from B&H Photo Video!

Prize: Free PhotoShelter Website

● 5 customizable, mobile-ready HTML5 templates to showcase your work front and center and impress clients off the bat
● 60GB - 1,000GB* image storage and backup to secure and organize your photography online
● Built-in eCommerce tools to sell prints and stock photos directly from your website
● Client proofing and file delivery - all within one branded environment
● Plus more!

*PhotoShelter's Pro Account comes with 1000GB of image storage; the Standard Account comes with 60GB.

Prize: $100 gift card from B&H Photo Video

The Grand Prize winner, as voted on by seasoned travel photographer and PhotoShelter member Ken Kaminesky, will win a free PhotoShelter Pro account for a year, plus a $100 B&H gift card. Two runners up, as chosen by Ken Kaminesky and members of the PhotoShelter team, will win a PhotoShelter Standard account for a year. A third runner up, as chosen by the community (you!), will also win a free PhotoShelter Standard account for a year.

How you win: Submit your Summer Escapes image before September 30, 2014. After the contest closes, photographer Ken Kaminesky, the PhotoShelter gang and the community will judge your submissions.

**The winning photos will be featured in the JPG Blog following the close of the photo challenge. Each contestant will also be notified via email from support@jpgmag.com (to the email address registered to your JPG account) so make sure you don't have us blocked or routed to your spam folders! Following the close of the contest, check the blog or check your email to see if you were selected as the Grand Prize winner, or one of the three runners-up.

Photo Challenge: Showcase on the Marquee

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 31 Aug 2014

Theaters, hotels, night-clubs these are all great places to find marquees.  Night or day, urban, rural or even deserted marquees have design and something to say.

Cigarette Factory by wisnu broto

Rosebud on Rush by Bailey Cooper

The Ferry by Cathaleen Curtiss

spray away by Sheila Ping

Chicago Theatre - State Street by Debra Paulson

Gone Hollywood by Sarah Terokowskie

Industrial standstill by Eric Sayah

The Strand by Mike Melnotte

Palace Theater, Crossville, TN by Benita VanWinkle

Past & Present by George Papachristou


Posted by Shayla Simmons — 27 Aug 2014

Reviewing a food blog right before dinner spells trouble!  Alas, it's hard to resist looking at such tasteful photography while your stomach weeps with pangs of hunger.  While a recipe can have all the right ingredients or a description that tantalizes your taste buds, the perfect picture can certainly pique the culinary imagination.

While cooking can be challenging, it is often the greater feat to create a meal that looks good too! Food Photographers are well known for their plentiful talents and multitude of tricks and techniques to make a meal look elegant, healthy, and amazing. It's not as easy as it may seem, sometimes even requiring a food stylist too!

There are several subtle tricks to food photography, like finding the right background (textures, colors) or assembling just the right props. Lighting is also crucial and while natural light is beautiful, it may be hard to work with and unpredictable with weather variance that may not agree with your tight shooting schedule. Night comes with its own unique challenges, exacerbated by serving ware and utensils which pose reflective challenges for your flash.  For many, playing around the studio, with controllable light will be the most reliable way to create consistent shots.

That food stylist can help with lighting, too, calling on some rather bizarre tricks like using motor oil to stand-in for syrup or using brown shoe polish to perfectly tone that medium well-done steak. There are so many more devious tricks out there and, of course, Photoshop provides a seemingly infinite palette of tools that all help fool our naked eye and make us eat up every last page of cookbooks and food blogs that we stumble across.

As we wandered through the millions of images submitted by our very own JPG food photographers, all we can say are that the images we found look mouth watering and we can't wait to sink our teeth into them!

Sushi Muramoto by Todd Brei

Shrimp Sushi Saturdays by

Untitled by Alik Mos 

cabbage, onion and garlic with mayonnaise by Hasin Hayder

Copenhagen by Turandot

Myrtle Beach 2013 by Jeff Santos

Taco salad! by Jake Lester

Yum! by Larry Pollock

Smoked Salmon by Jennifer Donnelly

Burger Perfection by Mark So

Medium Rare by EJ

Oh my goodness.....!  Is your stomach growling yet?!?  It may be time to eat and what a fine time to capture your foodie delight!  While you're out to dinner or making your meal, dicing up vegetables, grilling meat, or after plating the food,  take out your camera and take a couple of shots before you chow down!  Make sure you upload all your great shots to share!  If you find other great shots that tempt your tongue as you browse through JPG, start a collection and share or just keep for your own divine inspiration!

Can't wait for your mouth watering tasty shot!!!

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