Take a Seat

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 17 Dec 2014

Tis the season of busy crowds, the crinkle of shopping bags and the lights of department stores that glare down brightly on sale signs.  Is it just another 10 or so days till its all over -- til the madness of the holiday season commences?  Taking a leave and sneaking away to a quiet room may seem like abandonment of duties but an empty room to just gather your thoughts and go through the countless lists of who has been shopped for and what needs to be wrapped can be a Christmas blessing.  A room to relax can be big or small, but it needs to be silent and quite enough to hear your own thoughts echo in your mind. 

Take a look at these quite looking rooms, couldn't you just melt into one of these JPG seats?

The Brightest Pew by Jeff Klagenberg

the party by kimmika

For Someone Else by Ted Anderson

Lonely Diner by Margot Wood

+ by Mato P

Pick a seat. by Hoondoon

wear & tear by Laura Kalcheff

Emptiness by Paul Andrews

Empty by Uriel Ulam

Empty # 7 by Jc McIlwaine

Ed's by Kellie-Dean Sandefur

table and stools by Matthew Ruderman

Untitled by Carl Joseph

A big sigh of relief isn't it, to look upon a quite room full of no one.  Sounds a bit like what a grumpy person would say, but, everybody needs to regroup once in awhile.  Take a moment for yourself this holiday season to recapture your sanity and go sit in a room by yourself.  You really should try and document the silence as it seems thick at first but will quickly dissipate leaving you to enjoy your thoughts.  Make sure you upload and share your empty room or start your own collection of empty rooms and share with all of us.

Alone but not forgotten

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 15 Dec 2014

Photo of the Week Road to the heaven...

Road to the heaven... by Mickael Dailly

Story of the Week

Style and the people who have it (street photography)

No 8 From my 'style' story by Jim Read

Member of the Week Paul Eric

Darden Garage by Paul Eric

Photo Challenge: Covered in Moss

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 14 Dec 2014

For this Photo Challenge it was all about MOSS and LICHEN.  JPGer's got outside for this challenge and took a walk on the beach, or a hike in the woods, here we can see that there are so many places that moss and lichen can be found. Looks like this photo challenge was a blast and the shots are beautiful!

Rocks with Fur by Jim Harris

Untitled by Christopher Boswell

 Untitled by Antonio McCall

Little River by Joe Dunckel

Leaf and Lichen by Scott Gordon

Tree of life. by Clinton Brentwood Lee

 Nature!!!! by Christy

Dwellers by Marcus Hammerschmitt

"Un Après-Midi de Congé" by Evelyne Schulte

Untitled by Shaun

Horseshoe Falls by Craig Treadwell

.all overgrown by cunning moss.~ by Lynn E. Harvey

Snuggle Bugs

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 10 Dec 2014

Mmmm... is it the weekend yet?  Weekends are the perfect time to get in that extra snooze or to just relax a little longer and snuggle deep into last night's covers.   Of course, snuggling is not just for the morning or only for people, but for all times of the day and for all types of creatures. 

Lazy cats and dogs, basking in the warm light of early day, love to stretch their paws, nuzzling deeper in sleep.  Even in the middle of the day, outside the house, snuggling and cuddling can be found.  Two lovers embracing during a beach sunset or parents holding their  children close while singing them to sleep.  Snuggling warms the heart and is as relaxing as much as it is fun.

Check out these JPG Snuggle Bugs and get cozy!

nap time by Kyle Eugene

Cuddle Up by Jessica McDonald

cuddle buddies by Julie Ann Newell

Cuddling Ladies by Kurt Brennan

Cuddling by Emma Knadle

Cuddle Close to Keep Me Warm by Charidy Bunsa

Cuddle bugs by juan limtiaco

Cuddler by Nato Tuke

Sydney by Rachel Irons

Sweet snuggle by Pam Doughty

A Bunch of Dachshund Puppies by Steven Green

Embrace by Mike DeMauro

The Hug by Johnny Bravo

hug by jacob moore

YAAAAWN....... it's too easy.  It's time to just call it a day and find someone to snuggle with, and why not?  So take a break from whatever you're doing and snuggle with your loved one, pet or even your self and your trusty pillow.  Make sure you take some pictures of snuggle bugs, too, and share with all of us!   We also know that there are so many more images of hugs, snuggles, and cuddles throughout the site, that need to be collected and shared, so take some time and look for the best. Once you've got an awesome collection going, come back and show us!

Wanna Snuggle?

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 8 Dec 2014

Photo of the Week

Sunset at Kalapana 4 by Alex Preiss

Story of the Week It's not the camera, my dear....

Bellows Falls Reservoir (cell phone photo) by Jeremy Jones

Member of the Week Gerhard Beck

Desperate Housewife #1 by Gerhard Beck

Photo Challenge: Bling!

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 7 Dec 2014

OH YES!  This Photo Challenge is FABULOUS!  Capturing some glamour and fun!

beauty of Dayak by noor eva

chasing time by Samina Farooq

The Betsy Johnson Sparkle by Jenna Kim

Untitled by Antonio McCall

.Red Baubles.~ by Lynn E. Harvey

bling bling! by daniele castellucchio

She Thought it Was You by Kelly Nichols

Vintage by wendy stevenson

Woman with a Parisol Medieval Fair by Charles Rushton

Sparkle by KassiJo Wyatt

Diamonds are forever by rekha nag

Untitled by bryon landerman

Untitled by Joy B

Best of November 2014

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 3 Dec 2014

November is the month to be thankful and we are very thankful at JPG!  We want to give a big THANK YOU to you our JPG community...you ruled this month and brought to the table so many delectable images.  Feast your eyes on some of the best of what November had to offer.

Cycle of life by Azeril Zolle

Vulnerability by Zapata Juan P

Roses by Savannah Daras

... by daniele castellucchio

economic downturn by G Richard Anderson

 Lillias R . #30 Seattle, WA. by James Arzente

Evening by Fabrizio Romagnoli

Broken Leg by Christy

Selfie by Samuel Klein

Manhattan Bridge by Dan Featherstone

Boy on stairs by Dan Featherstone

"Danse" by Max Brun

Gone by Shelby Light

Just a tree by Willie Bee

USAF Thunderbirds at sunset by Josh Stephen

goodbye, manhattan. by christa masters

Nothin on TV by Fred Photo

Colors of Nepal by Azeril Zolle

Beard 001 by Ian Pettigrew

The chips are stacked by Talisha (Tally) Sachlis

Zachary , Kahuku Hawaii by Jeff

Karl Visits the Gate by Matt Granz

Mmmm... Tasty!  November, the month of giving thanks, may be over, but that's no reason to stop being thankful!  Try to remember all the great things in your life you have to be thankful for, despite the highs and lows that each day may bring...

Now, it's the month that is all about giving...December!  So get out and celebrate the fun, laughter, food, and family this holiday season.  Be sure to drag along your camera to capture all the warmth in the midst of the chilly winter weather.  Don't forget to upload and share all your amazing photos!  Show us your hot cocoa, your toasty fire, your holiday decorations and celebrations, gifts, smiles and feasts!

We want to get lost in your holiday cheer!

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 1 Dec 2014

Photo of the Week

Lillias R . #30 Seattle, WA. by James Arzente

Story of the Week The Embera Village

¡Bienvenidos a mi casa! by Shelby Light

Member of the Week Talisha (Tally) Sachlis

Untitled by Talisha (Tally) Sachlis

Photo Challenge: Plugged in

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 30 Nov 2014

This Photo Challenge was all about being Plugged In"Plugged In" can mean exactly that, an outlet and a plug.  But, this Photo Challenge was taken a little deeper, exposing society as being "Plugged In."  People seem to have all the necessary tools to communicate, but, perhaps not as directly as we would like.

 Where the Soul Resides by Josh Taylor

Crisscrossed II by Jennifer Hattam

plug it in by jamal patrick

Electric firefly's by George Cosmin Marin

Neon Sunset by Patricia Knight

silent communication by Samina Farooq

Texting Addiction by Courtney Gardner

Twitch by Bailey Cooper

M_A by Michaela K.

Father and Daughter - Norman Swap Meet by Charles Rushton

The Aptitude Test by Pamela Haberman

street portraits/she's just not that into you by jen bellefleur

A Cold Reception

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 26 Nov 2014

Yay... it's winter!  As the snow begins to fall, it's once again time for snowball fights, sleigh rides and drinking some toasty hot chocolate. It all sounds so fun right? Well...lets look at the downside of winter for a moment; the temperature plummets, roads get slick, flights get cancelled, roadways become hazardous and countless cars slide into the ditches.

Now this may sound like a dose of holiday cheer from old Scrooge himself, but, if you're one of the countless many trying to reach a family destination this holiday season, the weather may stop you right in your tracks. 

Check out these super cold shots from our JPG contributors, who bravely venture out in the dangerous freezing weather to capture these images.

Mystical Snowman in Iceland by Elsa Björg Magnúsdóttir

Winter by Cody Weber

Snowplow Train by Nick Benson

City Snow by Martina K.

Snowed In by Leroy Thompson

Polar Vortex at Niagara Falls state Park by James Neiss

Snow Road & trees by Marina V. Rodriguez

Central Park Snow #8 by Brian Ach

Untitled by Matt Golosinski

Blizzard 2010 by Rebecca Horwath

why one shouldn't drive during a blizzard by Tony Grossenburg

Blizzard Dec 2010 by Ahsan Rahman

Blizzard 2011 'safe parking spot' by Matt Dinerstein

NYC Blizzard by BOB TUR

last man by matt kenney

Smart People Get in Cabs During Blizzards by Greg Brophy

12.27.10 - 30th Ave. Platform (snowpacalypse!) by Megan Green

Untitled by Shane Welch

Stay warm and safe this holiday season, but, if you're hearty and brave, bundle up and document the winter storms in your area.  If a jaunt in the snow and the cold is not your calling, take a journey through JPG!  There are so many brrrr......ific images throughout JPG waiting to be unburied and put into a collection to share!  Let's see what you can uncover!

Don't be left out in the cold!

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