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Posted by Shayla Simmons — 16 Apr 2014

Looking for a good story?  They may not be so hard to find!  It is easy to forget about all the great fairy tales and folk lore that you grew up with, but for a bit of nostalgia, they are fun to revisit and explore.  These stories are not just the fanciful tales that you grew up on, they're also replete with moral values and lessons.  Take, for example, Pinocchio's story and how nothing good comes from lying.  Or, perhaps, peer deep within The Brother's Grimm Fairy Tales, steeped in lessons,  although they may be on the darker side.

Television networks and movies have been re-vamping fairy tale characters for awhile now, making it that much more fun to take your whole family in for a hearty dose of fairytale goodness!

Fairy tales can also be great fun and inspiration for your lens.  Check out how these JPGers capture some beloved characters and scenes...

Grasshopper by Jenny Fremlin

Bianca as Little Red Riding Hood by Roberts Jacqueline

One bad Apple..... by Shannon Burch

The Tin Man by Felicia

along came a spider by Ian Pettigrew

Alice by Kelly Taylor

The Frog Prince by Laura Kalcheff

Do Mermaids Exist? by Will Foster

Alice's Return to Wonderland by SEAN HUSVAR

Sleeping beauty syndrome by Kelly Miller

There are so many ways to embrace folk lore, fairy tales and their fundamentals in a shot, so get your camera and make some stories come to life visually!   Bring your images back, upload to the site and show us all your creativity!  If you roam through  the millions of JPG images and you find more shots that showcase or tell a unique story, start a collection and share by posting the link below!

Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you
If you're young at heart. -Carolyn Leigh

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 14 Apr 2014

Photo of the Week

Struggle by mark burban

Story of the Week "Birds of St. Augustine"

The Profile" by Kenneth Fasnacht

Member of the Week Alexandru Boros

City Life by Alexandru Boros

Photo Challenge: Cemetery Walk

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 13 Apr 2014

There are many statues, crypts, headstones at a cemetery that are very beautiful and hold a lot of meaning to the families and loved ones.

Thirsty for Life by Mike Melnotte

eternal rest.... by daniele castellucchio

Eternity by Walter Jakubowski

Precious Light, a Touch Of by Peter Kurdulija

Doe Playing Dominoes by Andrea Silies

Untitled by Amy Jo Schuster

Cemetery in Nice France-2 by Denis Beauchamp

Descansos by Pamela Haberman

Cemetery by carolina hernandez

1800's Graveyard by Melissa O'Donohue

NOLA Prayers by Simca Dobson

Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris by Shannon Corr

Watching Over You by Talisha Sachlis

Cill �inne Cemetery+ by Roger Leege

ANGELS IN DESPAIR by Nancy Schroeder

Shadow Dance

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 9 Apr 2014

Each morning I appear, To lie at your feet, All day I follow, No matter how fast you run, Yet I nearly perish, In the midday sun. ~unk (riddle)

As a kid, playing outside on a sunny day is a must, and this time of year, from the blossoming first days of spring, throughout the dog days of summer, are the best times to try to catch a shadow.  It is perfectly normal to see a kid dance, jump, and twirl with their shadows.  For adults, shadow catching is pure fun through the view finder of your camera.  It seems that shadows are pretty smart, though... they stay indoors when it is too cloudy and cold, yet come out to frolic when the sky is clear and the sun is bright!  Taking walks, or dancing with a loved one produces creative moments captured as shadows in time.

Check out how some of our amazing JPG contributors have shadow-danced through their viewfinders...

Pure Love by Stacey Holt

Legs by Ted Rolfes

#009 / 2007 by Stefan ...

Shadowy Man @ Pool by ! Mario Scattoloni ¡

Shadow by Jean-François Dupuis

Shadow Hill by Yoann Robin

My shadow by Alfio Finocchiaro

talking shadows by Miriam Tinberg

Shadow by Carlos Aviles

Shadows by Carmina C.

We hope these shadow scenes have inspired you to find your own dark side!

Find some time with loved ones or meander on your own, but capture your shadows and the little things they reveal.  You'll be surprised at all the angles you can capture!  There are so many great shadow dancers throughout the JPG community and they are all begging to be captured by your keen eye.  So browse through the site, compile some of the best into a collection of favorites and post the link to your collection below.

 Show us your dark side!

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 8 Apr 2014

Photo of the Week

Valley Tree by Bruce Wendler

Story of the Week The mysterious river Somme

the mysterious Somme by David Delannoy

Member of the Week B. D. Colen

Alone, Together by B. D. Colen

Photo Challenge: Infamous Hotels

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 6 Apr 2014

30300-nice hotel by Elvira Ladocki

Holiday Inn, Beirut by Jennifer Hattam

Hotel by Marie Nouri

THE US GRANT by Carlos Phelps

Von Minden Hotel by Ann Reece

Here's Johnny by A. Earle

If walls could talk !! by Christy Popkes

Villa D'Este by Michele Wambaugh

Ahhh Yes, Paris? by Lanis Rossi

marina bay sands, singapore by Sally Jaeggin

Grand Hotel, Taipei by Debra

The Ahwahnee Hotel by Antje Woolum

The Hotel Chelsea by John Linton

Sweet Dreams by Pamela Haberman

Best of March 2014

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 2 Apr 2014

March came and went before we could even blink an eye.  With the first day of spring and St Patrick's Day, it seems that March had plenty of great moments to capture on film.  So we've compiled some of the best images we saw posted to JPG during the month.  The images below are pretty amazing, just like our JPG community, so give praise to your favorites!

Help Me. by Rudi Waisnawa

Travel diary by sagar mahadik

Late Night Smoke by Christopher Baldwin

Frog in a Pond by Steve Brushett

Mr Nakamura by Jeff 

Merced and Bridalveil Falls by Bruce Wendler

 Tiny Smile by Carla Lapid

Taraje Rock by Hengki Koentjoro

Thinking by B. D. Colen

Bear the Burden by Rah Juan

Blue Bottle Fly by Ajit Singh

Untitled by Cody Yim

Fun by Himawan Setyarso

The Good Shepherd by Camil Seisanu

After all these years by Miron Abramovici

Lines by Antje Woolum

solo una flor by Pilar Coll i Gatell

Four Mile Beach by Matt Granz

Yes, March may be over, but there is still plenty of time left in April to capture many amazing landscapes, rainy days or beautiful blooms... the sky's the limit.  So get out and shoot away!

Share your images by uploading to the site.  Or, collect some of your favorites and post the link to your collection in the comments below!

See you in April showers!

Of the Week

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 1 Apr 2014

Photo of the Week

Lady Bug by Coen Gomes

Story of the Week Fighter Rob Sullivan

Fighter Rob Sullivan by Joshua Levy

Member of the Week Richard Juilliart

Liberia by Richard Juilliart

Photo Challenge: A Walk in Rain Boots

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 30 Mar 2014

With spring on the way there are a lot of days that you will need to pull on your rain

boots and slosh away!

Renagross Labyrinth by David Tea

Rainy Day by Eric Brown

Happy in the Rain by Christopher Boswell

these boots by Sally Jaeggin

Days When Your Boots Will Fill With Rain by KassiJo Wyatt

Ents by atilay unal

Rainy Day In Whales by Lanis Rossi

Pure Joy

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 26 Mar 2014

An overwhelming feeling that tingles in your toes, bringing lightness in your heart and an instant smile to your lips, this is what it feels like to have pure joy in your life.  It is hard not to beam with joy if something in your life has gone right.  Take, for example getting a new job, paying off your bills, celebrating an engagement or perhaps the birth of a child; all these things can bring new meaning to your life and a spring to your step.  Joy can come quickly, and it can pass in blink of an eye.  That rush of happiness can be fleeting, so don't be ashamed if you're caught in the moment, throwing your head back in relief and laughter, enjoy your life.

Throughout JPG, our contributors regularly capture the joys of life.  Check out these JOYFUL JPG shots!

Green Mermaid by Marina Filipovic

Silly Girl by Kate S

The anticipation in her eyes by Lasse Jesper Pedersen

Untitled by Crystal Nicole

Joyful by Chris Prefontaine

Joyful by Tammy Lee Bradley

Can't get enough pure joy?  Well then help spread some!   Start a collection of your favorite Pure Joy moments from your browsing through JPG and post a link to that collection in the comment area below. 

If you have joy in your life, capture it, upload and share your joy with all of us!

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